TSA Approved Security Cable Luggage Locks 3-Digit Combination Password Locks Padlocks -Black

TSA Approved Security Cable Luggage Locks 3-Digit Combination Password Locks Padlocks -Black

  • TSA Approved Luggage Locks allow TSA officers to unlock inspect and re-lock Luggage without damaging the lock
  • The Wire size, Dia. 0.12 inch and 5.5 inch length which allow threading through luggage zippers much easier
  • 3 Digit Combination Locks offer 1000 combinations to secure your travel bags
  • Convenient to open the lock with the ‘open’ press button on the side
  • Can be used for locking luggage, suitcase, gym locker, tool box, locker golf bag, bags, backpack, drawer, etc.

A Must Have Combination Lock!

You have peace of mind knowing your luggage will be safe.
As a frequent business traveller, fitness enthusiasts, student or bird lover,no matter what occupation you are, you need a effective and flexible padlocks to keep your luggage,gym & school lockers and cage safe and secure from theft and loss.

A Must Have TSA Accpeted Combination Lock!

1. TSA Accpeted Combination Lock Allows TSA screeners to inspect and relock baggage without damaging the lock, for added security.
2. Clearly marked TSA key insertion point for TSA agents if they check your bag.
3. Through the customs, save time, it won’t delay your journey.
4. Effective and flexible TSA padlocks are ideal to lock through most pieces of luggage due to the length & flexibility of the cord.
5. Helps to lock all zips together to stop re-sealing if anyone tries tampering with the zipper!
6. The cable locks appear well constructed and rugged in the main body.
7. This TSA lock, is simple to use with a 3 digit combination, and inexpensive as well.
8. Follow the instructions, easy to set your own combination.
9. 3 digit combination which is enough to use and very secure.
10. Padlocks have slightly larger numbers, easier to read.
11. Looks thin but strong,very practical lock which makes it great for gym & school lockers, suitcase, backpack, golf bag, drawer, toolbox, birdcage etc.
12. This lock is perfect for trip abroad, and it opens and closes quickly and easily.
13. The lock password can be resettable according to your own needs.
14. Compact size and sturdy structure, easy to use and carry.
15. Really your travel’s friend – The TSA Locks ensure the safety of your luggage.

Package Contents:

1 x TSA Lock (Black)

Notice:in case you forget, please write your password in somewhere.

100% satisfaction guaranteed and friendly customer service.

List Price: £6.99


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