Travel Garment Bag | Light Weight | Folding | Easy to Carry

Travel Garment Bag | Light Weight | Folding | Easy to Carry

  • ZIP SIDE POCKET| Side pocket is perfect for other clothing articles.
  • NONWOVEN WATER RESISTANT MATERIAL | Protect your clothing.
  • FOLDS EASLY | Makes getting around confined spaces easy.
  • SECURED ZIP UP SIDES | Keeps clothes secure in the bag.
  • PERFECT FOR CARRY ON. | Light weight design makes stowing in overhead racks simple.

Going on just an overnight trip? This bag is perfect for that

You can take a change of clothes and the side pocket is large enough for your overnight necessities. You won’t need extra baggage.

A Long Garment bag can be a hassle.

Long garment bags are difficult to care and are a hassle to get into overhead racks.

This garment bag folds in half and with its handy handle can be carried like a suit case.

When to use a garment bag:

The best time to use a garment bag is for a short trip when most of the clothing you need will be for business. The limited capacity of most garment bags makes them ideal for a trip that lasts only a few days and does not require a great variety of clothes. For an extended trip that mixes business and leisure, use both a garment bag and another suitcase to carry all your clothes.

List Price: £17.99


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