Portable Digital Luggage Scale Hanging Suitcase Scale With Tare Function 110 lb/ 50KG Capacity Black

Portable Digital Luggage Scale Hanging Suitcase Scale With Tare Function 110 lb/ 50KG Capacity Black

  • Up to 50 kg meassurement capacity with deviation no more than 0.01kg
  • Easy to read with 4 kinds of weight units(lb, g, ounce, kg), auto-lock and tare function
  • Light weight (only 90g) and small size allow you take it aside wherever you go.
  • Auto-off, overload and low battery warning included to preserve both time and energy
  • High quality and stylish design guarentee long time usage, ideal for home or travel use

FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage Scale is a must for people who frequently travel by plane or train. Having it in hand means you know how much your luggage weighs in advance so that you can avoid the unnecessary repacking or even expensive extra fees, which usually amount to more than you pay for the tickets in the first place.


– Auto Power-Off, so you no longer have to fret over wasted energy.

– Tare Function allows you to read the net weight of your luggage easily and precisely.

– Lock Weight – Once the reading is stable, display locks onto weight for easy reading.

– Low battery indicator gives you notice to ensure your scale is ready when you need it.

– Easy-to-read LCD display with backlit is readable even in darkness.

– User friendly regardless of what measurement system you use.

How to Use

– Click the power button once to turn it on and several more times to choose your preferred weight unit;

– Attach the strap or hook to a handle on the luggage and lift it by holding the scale;

– Read the weight on the digital display when it’s stable;

– If you want to know the net weight, weigh the container first likewise. When the reading is stable, click the button once for tare function. When the reading turns into zero, put the subject in, the reading in stable state show its net weight.


– Remove the insulating piece from the battery in the first use.

– This scale can not weigh stuff over 50 kg.

List Price: £14.95


2 Replies to “Portable Digital Luggage Scale Hanging Suitcase Scale With Tare Function 110 lb/ 50KG Capacity Black

  1. 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Super, easy to use and very reliable scale for weighing luggage, caught fish, gas bottles…, 19 Sept. 2015
    K Wren (Welsh borders) –

    Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for a fair, honest and unbiased review. The supplier did not attempt to influence my opinions of the product or content of my review.

    This is a very useful luggage scale capable of weighing up to 50kg with an accuracy of up to 10g.

    Using it is as easy as switching it on via the central power button, hanging a suitcase, travel bag or other item to be weighed to the webbing hook and loop then suspending it freely to record its weight on the exceptionally clear LCD display.

    It is always a bit awkward to hold heavy items on a scale but the best method is to keep the item to be weighed as low as possible or simply lift items slowly and gently off the ground via the scale. Once they are clear of the ground then their weight can be recorded by the scale, ‘held’ and the weight returned to the ground so it only needs to be held and suspended for just a few seconds. This method saves a lot of aching arms and swinging loads which can contribute to an inaccurate reading.

    The scale is well-made, reliable and accurate when checked against other known scales for comparison. Build quality is good and I was especially pleased to see the webbing loop arrangement rather than just a hook. I find the scales with a hook can be difficult to use because the item to be weighed will often not fit conveniently onto the hook then slips and falls off and many suitcase handles are padded and too large to fit on. The webbing loop overcomes all of these problems and makes the scale easier to use. Although I use metric kg the scale can also weigh in pounds and stones.

    Using a scale such as this enables luggage weight to be checked at home rather than the airport so there will be no unexpected excess baggage charges or having to leave items at the airport rather than pay for them making them essential for all travellers with luggage.

    I also use the scale for weighing the gas bottle in my campervan. It doesn’t have any sort of gauge so, before using this scale, it was pure guesswork to estimate how much gas might be left in the bottle. I now know the bottle weighs 9kg when full, it contains 3.9kg of gas so the bottle itself weighs 5.1kg. So, when the bottle weighs 5.2kg then I know it’s close to empty and at 5.1kg will be completely empty which helps me plan ahead to ensure I don’t run out of gas mid-way through cooking dinner. I think any campervan owner will relate to this – and appreciate the benefits of this scale as well as travellers needing to weigh luggage.

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  2. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Brilliant quality, 24 Oct. 2015
    CleverPetals (Hull, UK) –

    Really pleased with this digital luggage scale and definitely good value for money. I’ve been after one for ages, in the past we have used body weight scales to weigh our luggage which is always slightly out.

    I opted for the Silver stainless steel one (would definitely recommend – very stylish looking). The scale itself was bigger and more sturdier than expected. Comes with easy to understand instructions and a battery. Was slightly worried the hook to attach suitcase/bags too, would be unsuitable as it’s quite small but seems to hang on and stay on in place while reading the weight.
    The battery is quite difficult to get out of it’s slot for changing, this is my only complaint.
    Simple to operate, simple press the button below the LED screen and hook your cabin bag or suitcase and the LED displays the weight in Kilos,Stones or Pounds (which can be changed to suit) and shows a green light when within weight range and red light if over 20kg. So far, the scale readings seems to be fairly accurate. I do always tend to pack slightly lighter than the weight readings, just to be on the safe side. But a great little product and easier than using body scales!

    ***I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a honest review***

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