Luggage Scale, Luxebell Portable Digital LCD Handheld Luggage Scale

Luggage Scale, Luxebell Portable Digital LCD Handheld Luggage Scale

  • Capacity: 50KG/110LB, Division: 50G/0.1LB, Unit:KG/LB.
  • w/ 1.4″ LCD display, Room temperature display, easy to read weight units.
  • Zero and tare function , Low battery/overload indication.
  • With rubber paint handle, portable design and easy to use, travel must-have.
  • Material: plastic, steel, Power: 1 x 3V Lithium Cell (CR2032) included.

This Electronic Luggage Scale is small and handy with room temperature display when press on the unit button.

It is easy to store, carry and convenient for traveler.

With the rubber paint handle it gives a comfortable grip when using the scale to weigh your luggage or package anytime and anywhere during travelling or when required.

This luggage scale is also a good choice as gifts for your family and friends.

With portable design and easy to use, it is especially popular for frequent travelers and businessmen.

– Color: black+silver.
– Material: durable engineering plastic.
– Max. capacity: 50kg/110lb.
– Graduation: 10g/0.02lb.
– 100% brand new and high quality LCD digital electronic luggage scale.
– T-shaped design makes it easy for one or two handed lifting.
– Room temperature display.
– Zero and tare.
– Easy to read with 0.44-inch (11.3mm) LCD digits display.
– Low battery and overload indication.
– Helps avoid charges for overweight luggage.
– Durable clasp and rugged nylon web material for strap.
– Power: 1 * 3V CR2032 lithium cell (included).
1. Wipe the scale with a slightly damp cloth. DO NOT immerse the scale in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.
2. Do NOT stress the triangle ring for long time.
3. Keep the scale away from babies and children.

Package Including
1 * Portable T-shaped 50kg/10g LCD Digital Electronic Luggage Scale with Room Temperature Display
1 * CR2032 Lithium Cell
1 * English User Manual

List Price: £5.99


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  1. 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very handy little thing to own., 18 Jan. 2016
    TheChamp (UK) –

    This review is from: Luggage Scale, Luxebell Portable Digital LCD Handheld Luggage Scale
    What is this:
    This is a very small handy pocket sized luggage Scale. It is very handy to check your luggage before checking in to the airport to check your luggage isn’t over the limit. its small size means you can pop it into your pocket or bag and simply take it out when you need to use it. It is very easy to use and clear to see and understand with the nice big bright green LCD screen on the front. This luggage scale is very well built and very strong and can hold any bag up to 50kg/110lb. This scale comes in either silver or black. The luggage Scale requires 1 3V CR2032 lithium cell battery, the most annoying thing about small things like this is finding the right battery,But Luxebell® have included the battery with this luggage Scale which is great! From what i can tell, the scales are pretty accurate.

    What’s in the box:
    In the box you find the luggage Scale itself, the supplied battery, a user manual, and a tank you for purchasing note.

    How well is it built/The design:
    This luggage Scale is built very nicely and the scale itself as well as the metal clips and rope that the bag hangs from are very strong and are not going to break or snap when hanging heavy luggage on them, This luggage Scale can hold luggage up to 50kg/110lb which is printed on the scale itself incase you forget or have lost the packaging, The text on the LCD screen is very clear and is easy to read, the green backlight is very bright so you can read it in any conditions.

    ‘ Built very well.
    ‘ Very easy to use.
    ‘ Battery included.
    ‘ Clear to read.

    Overall opinion:
    Overall I love this pocket sized luggage Scale. it is very handy to have in your bag to check your luggage before checking in as holidays are expensive enough!- no one needs to be hit with extra charges with heavy luggage. I think this scale is great for the price, especially that the battery is included as i hate products that don’t come with the required batteries- its not a big deal but its definantly a nice feature when they are included. I highly recommend this luggage scale to anyone who goes on holiday allot and likes to take enough clothes as if they’re moving for good. .

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  2. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Portable luggage scale, 31 Dec. 2015
    Decado Reviews
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Luggage Scale, Luxebell Portable Digital LCD Handheld Luggage Scale
    Luxebell® Portable Digital LCD Handheld Luggage Scale

    This item was delivered in a smartly presented box, so would make a great item to wrap up as a gift.

    What’s in the box?

    In the box you will find the scale, an instruction manual, and rather thoughtfully a cr2032 battery.

    The scale is manufactured from a rigid plastic, and finished in silver and black and Luxebell claim it will weigh upto a maximum of 50kg.

    It seems strong enough to withstand a few knocks.

    It has a strap attached which you use to clip around the luggage handle when you are ready to weigh, by clipping the buckle around teh handle and back onto the scale.

    To use, switch it on with the power button (which also doubles as the zero/tare button), then you can change the units from lbs to kg and also a temperature reading in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

    I found it easier to switch on the device, let it set to zero, then clip it around the suitcase.
    once a reading has been reached, it will stay on the display for a few seconds, making it easy to read after removing from the luggage.

    The display has a bright green backlight, which is extremely handy , as it makes it very easy to read.

    One minor gripe, I couldn’t tell which way the battery went in the holder and had to remove and reinsert a couple of times, however, the battery compartment is very easy to open and close, so it isn’t that much of an issue.

    This will be number 1 on my packing list for any future holiday, as it is so portable and easy to use, and it takes away the stress of guessing how much your suitcases weigh on your return journey with all the extra gifts people normally buy.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

    Honest unbiased review of an evaluation sample kindly discounted by Luxebell
    If you found this review helpful, I would really appreciate it if you would click yes on the button below. Thank You

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  3. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    An accurate digital luggage scale, that’s portable & easy to use!, 7 Jan. 2016
    AP (United Kingdom) –

    This review is from: Luggage Scale, Luxebell Portable Digital LCD Handheld Luggage Scale

    Customer Video Review Length:: 0:24 Mins

    ♣ Unboxing ♣
    The Luxeball Digital Scale was well packed inside a small cardboard box that was placed conveniently inside a plastic insert tray.

    They INCLUDE THE BATTERY – CR2032 (coin battery)

    The scale itself is light but does not feel cheap. To me, it looks fine as is and doesn’t need to impress anyone, it’s the functionality that counts here.

    You receive a manual as well.. but I cheated and skipped straight to the weighing 😛

    ♣ Functionality ♣
    You can measure upto 50kg with this scale which is excellent and it’s an accurate weighing scale that competes to a lot of others that I have that do not work in the same way. (which are meant to be more ‘more’ accurate)

    The hook provided can grab onto bags/items you generally would find hard to pick-up on various other types of scales.

    This digital scale can measure a few units:
    – kg
    – lb
    – degrees Celsius
    – Fahrenheit

    You can switch between the units via the UNIT switch, it’s clicky and feels solid.
    You can reset the last result you’ve recorded by waiting until the whole value flashes and stops when weighing, then you can press the POWER button.
    You can power off the scale by holding the POWER button.

    The LCD screen is bright and provides clear text on-screen. (just don’t stare at the satisfying green color too long, or you’ll pretend you’re out of the next Hulk movie)

    ♣ Overall ♣
    This is my first handheld digital scale. It’s simple and easy to use but it provides a lot of functionality and the price you pay for one of these. They’re portable to take anywhere with you most importantly and there are no fiddly/mechanical parts to it!
    You definitely will not regret purchasing one, unless you decide that it’s fun to weigh something over the 50kg limit.
    There are no cons to this product at all because it’s a quality product!

    ** Thank you to the supplier who kindly sent out a sample to me in exchange for an unbiased and fair review. This has not altered my opinion throughout the review at all **

    If there are any questions please ask me below my review!

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